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About Hospital

Royal Angkor International Hospital (RAH)

Royal Angkor International Hospital (RAH) is the hospital number 18 th of BDMS (Bangkok Dusit Medical Service) Network  the public company listed in SET as Bangkok General Hospital and started operation since 15. Jan. 2007 as registered Angkor Pisith Company Limited, it is the cooperation between Cambodia share holder : H.E. Okhna Seang Nam and Thai share holder : Top Management from BDMS.

The location is on the west side of downtown Siem Reap, on National Route #6, 2 kilometres from the international airport, and situated among the millennium-old Historical and Cultural Heritage site of the world, Angkor Wat where an international well-known tourist destination in Southeast Asia region.

RAH brand is under the logo of  which representing BDMS brand for overseas hospitals, each hospital in this group, its name will be started with ‘Royal’. The standard of organization, medical practice, customer oriented practice, management, strategic business plan of RAH were drafting assemble the BDMS’s global vision.

Our principal mission is to serve multi-national traveller who seek medical care, emergency care,  acute illness while they are on  journey ,while there are international society of expatriate who works in Cambodia and  can access to medical care same level as of their home. The most important group of patient that RAH‘s mission is to serve is Cambodia residence. All segment of customer deserve the quality standard of health care service from RAH.