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Orthopedic Clinic




Throughout the year in Cambodia the accidental case such as the unexpected traffic accident, fall down during sightseeing at historic sites or lodging facility occur frequently.

On the other hand, the chronic condition which suffer from pain that occur spontaneously on the skeletal system: Hand, Wrist, Arm, Elbow, Knee, Foot Lumbar vertebrae are available for initial diagnosis with further medical examination to release your pain.



Our orthopedic clinic is available for examined by X-ray and Computerized Tomography: CT to detect correct patient;s condition before done appropriate medical procedure for both nonsurgical and surgical treatment by our orthopedic specialist.




Available diagnosis and treatment for the following problems:

- Sprain

- Fracture / Deformity / Dislocation after accident trauma

- Joint pain

- Shoulder stiffness

- Pain on neck

- Lower back pain

- Numbness on leg

- Articular rheumatism





Our Orthopedic Specialist




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