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 Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Clinic

Our Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases / disorders of the ear, nose, throat, and the related strucstures of the head and neck.

Our experienced medical team: Otolaryngologists provide precise diagnosis, medical treatment, and follow up along each patient's condition.


Available diagnosis and treatment for the following problem areas:



 - Ear Pain: Ear Infection, including swimmer's

 - Removal of objects from ears

 - Ringing and noises in the ears

 - Hearing Loss: Muffled Hearing




- Allergy: Runny Nose / Stuffy Nose                           

- Hay Fever

- Nosebleeds

- Removal of objects from nose

- Sinus condition




- Salivary gland infection

- Tonsillitis

- Sore throat including strep throat



Our ENT Specialist


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