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 Vaccination Service 



We offer consultation and vaccination to prevent various disease for both adult and child as 24 hours service.

Vaccines help to protect against many infective disease that might be infected during you are staying in Cambodia due to risks  through airborne infection, animal bite, and so on.

Because of different situation with another developed country, we provide various vaccine along the recommendation by World Health Organization (WHO).

Available Vaccine are:


For Adult

- Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B vaccine

- Tetanus vaccine

- Rabies vaccine

- Japanese Encephalitis vaccine

- Typhoid vaccine

- Cervical Cancer (HPV) vaccine

- Seasonal Influenza vaccine

- Yellow fever vaccine

For Children

Please see Out - Patient Service: Pediatrics Clinic



Present Vaccination Package: Valid until 31. Dec. 2020

Influenza Vaccine / HPV Vaccine / Hepatitis A & B Vaccine



For more information: Contact to Royal Angkor International Hospital

Tel: (+855) 63 761 888 or (+855) 12 235 888 as 24 Hours daily

Email: info@royalangkorhospital.com