Insurance Coverage

Our coordinators are ready to assist you to claim from your health/travel insurance company. When you file a claim from your insurance, we request you to submit us the following documents:   

  • Copy of your passport or ID with photo
  • Copy of your Insurance document with policy number
  • Insurance claim form (if you have one)
  • Other necessary documents if requested from your insurance (Flight itinerary, Departure stamp, Driving license ....ect)                                                           

1. Outpatient claim

Cashless insurance for outpatient accepted if your insurance confirms guarantee of payment before the time of visit. In case that you have not contacted your insurance prior to the hospital visit, you will responsible for the medical bill. Even if your insurance have verbally confirmed about the coverage, but we need an official guarantee of payment to email or fax us in order to process the direct billing with your insurance. For insurance company that have contracted agreement for direct billing without guarantee of payment, so the medical coverage and benefit is based on term and condition of your insurance company. The hospital is reserve the right to require payment from patient in case the insurance refused the coverage. 

2. Inpatient claim

  • Our coordinator will make a copy of the above mentioned documents.
  • Attending physician will write a detail medical report with the treatment plan, which will be sent with all other documents to your insurance to request the Guarantee of payment.  
  • Now it is up to your insurance company to verify and consider the coverage in accordance with your medical condition and insurance terms and policies you purchased.
  • Even if the insurance company has verbally informed you that they will responsible for your medical expenses, we need an official Guarantee of payment letter to send to us by email or fax. The letter states if the insurance will cover and if so, how much and until when. If it is not received during your time of admission, you will be responsible to pay for your treatment.
  • Discharge process will not be delayed if we receive Guarantee of payment letter faster.
  • Upon discharge, you will be required to sign the bill and pay for any Co-pay, Deductible, Policy excess and other personal expenses.

3. Importance Note

  • The hospital is reserve the right to require payment from patient in case that the insurance or the contracted company refused the coverage
  • Any consideration of medical coverage and benefits, they are authorised by an insurance company or agency. The hospital only acts to coordination the process to an insurance company.

Organization Details : 

 Name  Royal Angkor International Hospital (RAH)
 Address  National Route #6, Phum Kasekam, Khum Sra Ngea
 City  Siem Reap
 Country  Cambodia
 Postal / Zip Code  None
 Telephone Numbers

 +855 63 761 888 (General line)

 +855 12 235 888 (Emergency line)

 Fax  Number/s  +855 63 761 739
 Email Address  [email protected]
 Website Address

Key Contact Personnel


 Department  Registration
 Title  Insurance Coordinator
 Phone  (+855 ) 63 761 888 , (+855 ) 92 532 662,
 Fax  (+855 ) 63 761 739
 Email  [email protected]



 Name  Ms. Len Pisey
 Title  Account Receivable & Incharge Cashier
 Phone  (+855) 63 761 888 #1037
 Fax  (+855) 63 761 739
 Email  [email protected]